Searching for ….and other things.  Hellen Ascoli and Jay Sullivan.  Sotano 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 2014

Alice Leonora Briggs/James Sullivan.  The Gallery at UTA, University of Texas at Arlington, 2014

Le Corps Propre.  Artspace at Untitled, Oklahoma City, OK, 2013

Remains.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2013

The Reluctance of Things. Robert and Elaine Stein Gallery, Wright State Univ., Dayton, OH 2012

New Work.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX,  2010

Variations. Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX, 2007

Four Figures.  Meadows Museum, 2006 (installation, with dance performance) 

Natural Histories. Conduit Gallery, Dallas TX April, 2005

Provisional Self: Sculpture and Drawings.  Meadows Museum of Art, Dallas, TX , 2002

Presence/Absence.  Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany, 2002

Recent Sculpture.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX 2000

Matter and Meaning, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX  2000 (catalogue)

Sculpture and Drawings, Longview Museum of Fine Art, Longview, TX, 1998

Requia:  Recent Sculpture and Drawings, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, 1998 

Sculpture and Drawings, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX, 1997

Body  :  Fragment, Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 1996 (catalogue)

Figur/Umgekehrte Figur, Installation, Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany, Nov. 1994

Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1994

Drawings and Sculpture, Brookhaven Community College, Dallas, TX, 1993

Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1992

Komodore/Sullivan, Irving Arts Center, Irving, TX, 1991                

Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1990

Galerie Muhlenbusch, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1990

Berliner Plastiken, Amerika Haus, Berlin, Germany, 1990 (catalogue)




Art is Me, Art is You. (What is the Sound of US)  Collaborative Performance, DUMBO art Festival, NY, 2014

Living Room. Collaborative installation.  Center for Creative Connections, Dallas Museum of Art

         Dallas TX, 2010-2011

Art is Me, Art is You.  Performance, Los Angeles CA, 2010

“Loud Room: Quiet Room” Installation in “Prelude: works in Progress and Unfinished Works” Pollock Gallery, SMU, Dallas, TX, 2001

Garden.  Collaborative installation with Kaleta Doolin, 20TH Anniversary Invitational, Connemara Conservancy, Plano, TX, 2000

“Loud Room/Quiet Room” Fort Burgwin Research Center, Ranchos de Taos, NM 1996 (destroyed)

Figur/Umgekehrte Figur, Installation, Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany, Nov. 1994

“2 Houses” Collaborative installation with Stephen Mohring, Connemara Invitational  Plano, TX, 1992



Longitude/latitude:  30 years at Conduit Gallery.   Conduit Gallery, TX 2014

Sculpture Walk.  Allied Arts Council, St. Joseph, MO, 2014  (Tumulus, 2014)

Fountainhead. The Art Foundation, Dallas, TX 2012

Wunderkammer. Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX 2011

Small Sculpture.  College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 2011 

Check Up : Recent Additions to the Art Collection. Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX, 2010-1

Natural Translation:  Harry Geffert and James Sullivan. Old Jail Art Center, Albany, TX, 2010

Art is Me, Art is You. Exhibition and Performance. Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA 2010

Rapid Artists 2010.  Conference of the Society for Manufacturing Engineers, Los Angeles, 2010

Rapid Artists 2010.  One Arts Place, Dallas, TX, 2010

Collections, Cultures, and Collaborations with Flatbed Press. UNT Art Gallery, Denton, TX, 2010

Face and Form: Modern and Contemporary Sculpture in the Meadows Collection. Meadows Museum, Dallas TX. 2009

Experiencing Perspectives II.   Daimler Financial Services, Fort Worth, TX. 2009-11

The Plan is the Body.  Big Chimney Art Space, Chicopee, MA 2009

Print Club of Cleveland Fine Art Print Fair. Cleveland, OH, 2009, 2011

Experiencing Perspectives 2008-9. Daimler Financial Services, Fort Worth, TX, 2008-9

Meadows Art Now ,McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas TX 2009

Indexing the Moment. CADD Art Lab, Dallas TX 2008

The Chair Show. Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX,  2008

Small Work.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2008

Alchemy or Change. Main Gallery,  University of Texas at Dallas, 2008

“The Chair Show”. Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX,  2008

Red Dot Fair—Art Miami 2007, Conduit Gallery Artists , Dec. 2007

Printmaking Invitational. Carillon Gallery, Fort Worth, TX, 2007

Pollock Gallery, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, 2006

Drawing as Alterity. Studio Gallery, Brookhaven Colege, Dallas, TX 2005

The Third Coast: Texas on Townsend.  Haley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2004

Conduit Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX 2004

Form. AIA Gallery, Dallas, TX 2003

I-45 Combined, Lowell Collins Gallery, Houston, TX, 2002

Daou, Letscher, Robertson, Sullivan.  Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2002

3 x 3 x 3: Contemporary Figurative Art.  The Gallery at UTA. University of Texas, Arlington. 2002

Vessels of the Soul, Lowell Collins Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2001

Counterpoint: Six Artists from Conduit Gallery, University Art Gallery, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX, 2001

Vision and Movement, 2000:  Public Art, Public Transit.  The Gallery at UTA, Arlington, TX, 2000

Inevitable Progression I. Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, 1999

The Figure:  Experiencing Views. University of Texas, San Antonio, 1999

Faculty Exhibition, Meadows Museum of Art, Dallas, TX, 1998

34th Longview Museum of Art Invitational, Longview, TX 1998 (Awarded Best in Show, Purchase Prize)

New Dallas Art:  Small Works, Lowell Collins Gallery, Houston, TX, 1998

Six Ways of Seeing, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX, 1996

Uber Grenzen Miteinanderen, Stadt Museum, Erlangen, Germany, 1995

Body and Spirit, Galveston Art Center, Galveston, TX, 1994

Human Nature, Human Form, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, TX, 1993


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Stein Gallery, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Meadows Museum, Dallas, TX

Museum of Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX (sculpture and Artist’s Research Print Coll)

Old Jail Art Center, Albany, TX

Texas Sculpture Garden, Hall Financial Group, Frisco, TX

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Dennis and Teresa Stanfil, San Marino, CA

Clarence and Anne  Fleming,  Pasadena, CA

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Felician College, Chicago, IL



MFA, Sculpture; California State University, Long Beach, 1979

BA, Philosophy; Yale University, 1974

         Studied:  Edinburgh College of Art, 1973

                   Maryland Institute of Art, 1975




Professor of Sculpture and Design, Meadows School of the Arts, 1988-present

Chair, Division of Art, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX  1995-2009, 2012-13

Assistant Professor, Fine Arts.   Amherst College, Amherst, MA, 1983-1988

         Chair, 1985-1986

Assistant Professor of Art.  Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, 1980-1983.



Adjunct Faculty, The Guildhall School of Digital Gaming, Dallas, TX, 2004, 2006

Visiting Critic in Drawing, Yale Graduate School of Architecture, New Haven, CT, 1984-2004

Visiting Artist, Haverford College, Haverford, PA, 2002

Visiting Artist, Kilgore College, Kilgore, TX, Spring, 2001

Visiting Artist, Texas A & M, Corpus Christi, TX, Spring 2000

Visiting Artist, Hampshire College, Hampshire MA, Fall, 1999

Visiting Artist, Carleton College, Northfield MN, Spring, 1999

Visiting Professor, Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin, Germany, 1994

Visiting Artist, University of Portland and Portland Museum College of Art, 1995

Visiting Lecturer, Hochschule der Kunste, Berlin, 1994

Visiting Artist, University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1987.



Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professorship, SMU 2012-2014

Provost’s Instructional Technology grant, SMU 2006, 2009, 2013 (co-researcher), 2014

University Scholar/Teacher award, Methodist Council, SMU 2005

Jentel Artist’s Residency, Sheridan, Wyoming, 2004, 2007

Dean’s Award—Research in Art, 2003; Administrator, 2000

Golden Mustang Award for Teaching, Southern Methodist University, 1993

Rotunda Teaching Award, 1990

Faculty Development Grant, Meadows School of the Arts, 1992, 1995, 2002, 2009, 2012, 2013

University Research Grant, Southern Methodist University, 1989, 1992, 1994, 2002

Connemara Conservancy.  Grant for Site-specific installation, Dallas, TX 1992, 1999

Phillip Morris Sculpture Fellowship, Berlin, W. Germany, 1989

Massachusetts Artists' Foundation.  Finalist Grant, Sculpture, 1987

Resident Sculptor, Bildhauerwerkstatt, Berlin, Germany, 1989, 1992, 1995

Resident Sculptor, Triangle Workshop, Pine Plains, NY, 1987

--Invitational workshop, Sir Anthony Caro, director; Robert Kudielka, Clement Greenberg, visiting critics